All Service Ice Corporation
3005 Lancaster Ave, Wilmington, Delaware
Behind the  Dunkin Donuts 

Bagged cubed ice
Sold in 20 lb. bags and 8 lb. bags
Pellet Dry Ice 
Block Dry Ice
Block Ice
Shipping coolers
Our Products
We take pride in our quality products. 

All of the products we offer can be delivered to you within an hour
Sold by the pound
10 lb. minimum for pick up
Sold by the pound. Each block is about 50 lb. but can be cut to the size needed.
10 lb. minimum for pick up
40" tall, 20" wide, 10" tick. Perfect for carving sculptures.
Comes with one or two grooves
Perfect for shipping food and product you want to stay cold or frozen. Cooler and box come together.